The Switch is the newest Detroit Hip Hop and R&B radio station coming out of Detroit, Michigan.

   Our Mission is to help local Independent Artists in the Detroit City and Metro areas as well as other States, by allowing all areas of the music spectrum an opportunity to use The Switch as a platform to reach the fan base they’ve worked so hard to build while they're coming up.  HIP HOP, POP & R&B, Old and New School are primary music genres you'll hear on The Switch so we offer a broad range of music to our listeners.

  With artists and songs spanning 1995 to 2018, The Switch plays a wide range of popular music. Our audience can listen without repetitive song play. This also allows us to spread the top 40 hits out evenly among the playlist while spinning the songs that we all love to hear - Classic Hip-Hop, Pop and R&B that are rarely heard nowadays, in a smooth flow of music as you travel from work, home etc.

The Switch also offers businesses in our community great advertising rates with pricing programs tailored to our smaller, local businesses as well as larger corporations world wide who wish to support us while we promote our local scene.

   We all know video streaming is the latest media trend allowing messages to be heard and seen at the same time. This is an additional feature we take pride in with our live video/pre recording - on or off location - and it's something that we can implement into every Event/Venue we attend.  The Switch can use all facets of media delivery, giving us a broader range of ways to feed content to our Listeners and Viewers in the City of Detroit and anywhere you have Internet!

   Please feel free to browse the website while you Make The Switch and listen to some of the greatest music/videos the industry has to offer online through this website and on The Playa, our exclusive mobile app!

Thanks for making The Switch, Detroit!